Margaret McGill ~ Therapy for the Soul

Margaret McGill

Saturday Morning Talk:
Psychological Education as Therapy for the Soul

October 22, 2016 (10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)
St. Barbara Room,  The Casa Franciscan Renewal Center

The Soul is our constant inner companion, and yet often She feels neglected by our pursuit of intellectual understanding and emotional guardedness. She longs for the type of education that “draws out” our willingness to engage more directly with Her, and which brings us into conscious contact with Her intention “to lead” us more deeply into our personal evolution.

In this context, we will explore how the Soul spurs us to grow by dismantling our out-dated archetypes, either willingly and/or through a “dark night.” We will bear witness in our own lives how She uses synchronicity – both “positive” and “negative” – to guide us along the alchemical path that She would have us walk, calling us to re-balance by welcoming new and empowering archetypes.

And finally, we will explore the nature of an imaginal field – that space between the conscious and the unconscious – where the Soul can reclaim its split-off parts, bring us back to balance, heal our inner and outer relationships, and provide direction for our unique life journey.

By participating in this lecture, we will build a safe, supporting structure for the imaginal field that is necessary to conduct the afternoon workshop.

Eventbrite - Saturday Morning Talk: Spiritual Education as Therapy for the Soul

Saturday Afternoon Workshop:
Rumi’s Room: Honoring the Voice of the Soul within the Mystery

October 22, 2016 (1 p.m. – 5 p.m.)
St. Barbara Room,  The Casa Franciscan Renewal Center

There is a mysterious alchemy that resides within the spoken word, especially so when the words spoken are ones that resonate deeply with some aspect of the speaker. And when such words are spoken within a group – in turns by individuals who are consciously seeking to tap into that alchemy – then the Mystery becomes more accessible, even tangible.

Rumi’s Room introduces a new form of collective imagination, using literature as our creative art-form to call forth inspiration, wisdom and self-discovery. We will honor the Voice of the Soul by listening intently as participants read aloud from literature they find personally meaningful, whether it be poems, prose, short stories, personal anecdotes, journal entries, marital vows, etc. The pieces that are read, and in which order, are part of the alchemy that we will create together. In honoring each other and ourselves in this way, we open the inner door through which the Soul may step through and touch us.

“The Mystery creates balance in ways that the logic cannot.”
~ Margaret McGill

Instructions for what to bring:

Each participant needs to bring at least 2 or 3 pieces of literature, which may be from Rumi, any other author, or written by the participant. Each piece should have a title, and should be able to be read aloud – without rushing and in its entirety – in no more than 3 minutes. Please provide typed or handwritten pieces, because the one you are led to read will be given as a gift to another participant.

Eventbrite - Afternoon Workshop: Rumi’s Room: Honoring the Voice of the Soul within the Mystery

Margaret McGill has taken a non-conventional path in developing her own unique practices. Starting at age of 21, for eight years she traveled as a missionary in Latin America, establishing rehabilitation centers for young adults with drug/alcohol problems, and raising funds through lectures, theatrical presentations, and TV/radio shows – along the way, she learned a great deal about compassion, determination, risk-taking and faith … from a non-academic point-of-view.

Returning to the US in 1978, she shortly thereafter began a decade-long educational journey which included a Licensed Practical Nursing degree in 1985, an Associates degree in 1987, and a Bachelor of Science in Communication in 1991. Among her many awards/accomplishments was being chosen to deliver the 1988 Keynote Speech to 500-plus women at the national convention of PEO (the women’s charitable sorority), and selection as the 1991 Outstanding Student in Oral Interpretation and Performance Studies at Arizona State University.

Margaret’s business career has focused on health and education, and included working: with suicidal teenagers and adults at the Southwest Behavioral Institute; as a geriatrics activity coordinator specializing in Alzheimer patients; as Director of the Psychiatric Technicians Program for Apollo College; at Bryman College as the business leadership and communication instructor; and as a counselor at Arizona Behavioral Counseling Services, providing clients with court-ordered instruction in Domestic Violence, Anger Management and Substance Abuse.

Margaret began her private practice, Emotional Transformations® LLC, in 1999, shortly after certification as a Grief Recovery Specialist. She draws on sources as varied as Jungian Principles and Spiritual Intuition, Alchemy and Dream-work, and music and meditation. From her lifetime experiences, Margaret has synthesized a form of inner exploration, which is the art of finding one’s personal truths through emotional and spiritual self-discovery. In addition to the programs she offers through her private practice, Margaret has developed and taught Mesa Community College adult education courses in Emotional Transformation and Dream Interpretation (which was a big hit!).

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