Haasarud-Jung’s Contribution to Understanding Jesus

Lecture with Scott Haasarud, Ph.D. – Jung’s Contribution to Understanding Jesus
December 9, 2011
Jung observed that human beings are meaning makers and that the nature of human understanding and meaning making is essentially mythic as well as rational. The purpose of this lecture is to use the archetypal and mythological insights of Jung to shed light on the meaning that the Gospel stories of Jesus have for our lives today. For example the birth of Jesus reminds us of the virgin birth of the hero and the mythic significance of the great mother goddess.  Stories like the prodigal son are deeply related to the archetype of individuation. This lecture will use some of the basic ideas of the psychology of C.G. Jung as tools for interpreting myth, specifically the myths that were projected onto Jesus of Nazareth, the central events in his life, and the stories he told.
Haasarud-Jung’s Contribution to Understanding Jesus

Scott Haasarud is an ordained Lutheran Minister in private practice as a spiritual director, Jungian oriented therapist and pastoral counselor.  His doctoral degree is in Religion and Psychology and he studied for many years at the C.G Jung Institute in Los Angeles. He spent one year as a matriculated student at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. For questions about the workshop or lecture, you may contact Scott by email or call him at 602 265-2500.