Knowlton-Jung’s Typology: Patterns, Paths and Individuation

Leslie Knowlton’s lecture, Jung’s Typology: Patterns, Paths and Individuation

November 19, 2010

This talk will be presented in three parts:

  1. Jung’s motivation to bring understanding to human typology,
  2. MBTI, the model and the discovery of true type,
  3. the impact of the dynamic of personality type on your development path.

Why is personality type significant? Assumptions are necessary, but understanding type helps us to realize the motivation behind our assumptions. “There is a danger that assumptions or hypotheses, being self-evident to ourselves, may lead us to make statements of a general character—for example, about the nature of the mind—and to claim that these are ‘true’, forgetting that we are still talking of hypotheses and not of ‘absolute’ truths” (E. A. Bennet, 1966). Also, Jung’s typology provides the foundation to help us to explore how we find balance in our lives as we develop to become the best versions of our authentic selves.

Knowlton-Jung's Typology: Patterns, Paths and Individuation

Leslie Knowlton, MFA, ACC, has her own business as a development coach and social media consultant in the Phoenix area. She has worked in leadership development and organizational change for the past 20 years. She earned her coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation in 2008. She has a Masters of Fine Arts in Media Studies from the State University of New York (Visual Studies Workshop, NY) and a Bachelors of Science in Aesthetic Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz, CA. The focus of her work is to bring the power of Jungian principles of personality type and archetypes to the work of change and renewal for leaders, groups and organizational systems. See more about her on her website at