Doug Tyler ~ Merlin: Movement of Spirit in Matter

Doug Tyler, Ph.D.

Saturday Morning Talk:
Merlin: The Movement of Spirit in Matter

November 11, 2017

(9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
Tekakwitha Room,  The Casa Franciscan Renewal Center

In its essence, C.G. Jung’s Analytical Psychology challenges us to enter the depths of the unknown wherein we will discover the mystery of our lives lying not so quietly in wait. In The Red Book, Jung says we are to move, “from the spirit of the times to the spirit of the depths.” The primary way one makes this shift from the horizontal axis of now into the vertical axis of the depths (the unconscious) is through symbols. In Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung tells us that, while carving the cornerstone to his Bollingen home, he thought of inscribing “Le Cri de Merlin” – the cry of Merlin – into the back of the stone. This symbol precisely reflects the “spirit of the depths,” for this is where Merlin abides as an exiled symbol of spirit (new life) emerging from the unconscious.

In recent decades, the heroic image of Merlin has devolved into an infantilized Disney character clad in a velvety robe and dunce-like hat. This regressive process began as the meaning of magic (expressed through feeling and intuition) waned in importance and science (with attendant thinking and sensation) ascended into prominence. However, in preceding centuries (back to the 12th century) Merlin appeared as an iconic mental image that gave meaning to what could not be seen nor understood. We are no different today in that we fear what we do not know, what we cannot see, what we cannot control. Perhaps we can use some old images in new ways to help us along during these difficult times.

Merlin became a psychic and literary image and symbol that emerged into consciousness soon after the first millennium. He grew from legend as one who bridged the deeply split pagan and Christian worlds. During the morning lecture, we will look into the two origin legends of Merlin and how “he” has stubbornly remained an active archetypal image a millennium later and how the symbol is relevant to our modern times and polarized consciousness.

Eventbrite - Morning Talk: Movement of Spirit in Matter

Saturday Afternoon Workshop:

November 11, 2017

(1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
Tekakwitha Room,  The Casa Franciscan Renewal Center

The afternoon workshop will address various archetypal energies Merlin represents – energies we all carry within us. When used properly, these energies help us heal our divided selves. And we will see how the image of Merlin reflects the most central tenet of Jung’s psychology – the holding of opposites – and how a living, conscious use of this principle can lead to a creative life.

Eventbrite - Afternoon Workshop: The Movement of Spirit in Matter

Doug Tyler, Ph.D. practices as a Jungian Analyst in Knoxville, TN. He obtained his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Tennessee and his diploma in Analytical Psychology from the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA). He is a member of the IRSJA and is currently a training analyst with the Inter-Regional Memphis-Atlanta Seminar. Dr. Tyler has been a practicing psychologist for 25 years in Knoxville and lectures on various Jungian topics, including: Typology, the Holy Grail, the Hero archetype, the intersection of psychology and theology, and Merlin as multifaceted archetypal images.