Jonathan Young, Ph.D. Workshop – A Light in the Darkness: Symbols of the Season

November 5, 2011, Saturday Workshop with Jonathan Young, Ph.D.

Reflecting on ancient symbols and rituals reminds us of the significance of winter in the symbolic life. The metaphor of seasonal darkness suggests the work of getting through challenges. Some of the richest experiences in the individuation process come from long dark nights. This is also a time of yearning for illumination, which may be partly a longing for unclaimed aspects of the psyche. As we appreciate the inspiring qualities of holidays, we will ponder the search for the light within. The transcendent language of the season could be an inner voice calling us to a state of beauty beyond ordinary knowing. In a spirit of contemplation, let us note the threshold moments in the unfolding stories of our lives.

Jonathan Young is a Psychologist, Storyteller, and writer on mythic stories. He assisted mythologist Joseph Campbell at seminars and was the founding curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives. He created and chaired the Mythological Studies Department at the Pacifica Graduate Institute. His books and articles focus on personal mythology.