Lisa Whitlow: Spotlight on the Shadow

Friday Evening Talk with Lisa Whitlow, MA, D.Min.

Spotlight on the Shadow

February 17, 2012
One of Jung’s most important and influential concepts is that of the “shadow.” The shadow consists of repressed or unconscious aspects of the personality. These aspects can be negative or positive; Jung describes them as merely “inferior, primitive, unadapted and awkward.” This lecture will introduce the concept of the shadow, the evolution of the shadow, and the phenomenon of projection as a means of recognizing the shadow. We usually project shadow qualities on to others who may or may not “really” have the qualities we are rejecting. As an example, the mark of shadow projection could be compulsiveness and intolerance, because we are really rejecting qualities that we have but can’t acknowledge as our own. Once we recognize these aspects of our behavior it can help us to understand that these qualities are really part of ourselves and we can attempt to channel their negative aspects in positive directions.
Whitlow-Spotlight on the Shadow

Lisa Whitlow, MA, D.Min. lives and works in the Kansas City area. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctoral Degree in Spiritual Studies. She has worked for over ten years as  Jungian therapist, spiritual mentor, teacher and retreat leader. Lisa has received specialized training in expressive arts therapies, guided imagery and meditation, hypnotherapy, and energy therapy. She is an emeritus member of the Board of the Kansas City Friends of Jung and teaches classes for them on a regular basis. She has facilitated retreats in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma and New Mexico.