Missing Fathers ~ January 12, 2019 Presented by Susan Schwartz

Susan E. Schwartz, Ph.D.

NBCC Hours: 5.0

Missing Fathers and the Transgenerational Effects

Jung wrote little on fathers and had a disturbing relationship with his own father. This presentation uses the stories of his experiences and dreams with his father to illustrate aspects of the father complex. Additionally, from the literature of Kafka, Hasidic tales and other myths showing betrayal we explore the need for the good father psychologically. Without him we lose a link to our self.

Saturday Morning Session:

January 12, 2019

(9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
St. Agnes Room,  The Casa Franciscan Renewal Center

In the morning talk we explore the transgenerational passing on of a father — not there — and that passing has ramifications that are complex and distressing. During the presentation We will come to understand that without the father’s presence, he becomes larger than life — an archetype as huge — overriding development and squashing initiative for many. It becomes a violation of the natural order that has created facades and illusions. We mourn the loss of father in order to transform what has been into what can be.

The father affects the formation of the ‘as if’ personality, narcissism and the psyche soma divide that affects both men and women. The relational need is for fathers emotional and psychological involvement.

Eventbrite - Morning Session: Missing Fathers the Transgenerational Effect

Saturday Afternoon Session:

January 12, 2019

(1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
St. Agnes Room,  The Casa Franciscan Renewal Center

The fairytale journey is a way into the psyche. This is in the classical Jungian style that details personal pathways and collective avenues. The afternoon discussion (that ensues) is always interesting and thought provoking in reflecting the complexity of the psyche and encouraging us to go deeper into what we know and also have yet to discover.

Jungian psychology is founded on the recognition that the splits in the psyche can ultimately lead to relationship between self and other. They face us with the questions of how we relate to otherness within and without. The integration of the personality opens from the throes of isolation, despair and confusion. As we follow it we realize the mystery of who we are is a lifelong unfolding.

Eventbrite - Afternoon Session: Missing Fathers the Transgenerational Effect

Learning Outcomes

    • Participants will be able to describe the father complex
    • Participants will use a dream to explain the symbols of father on a personal level and on a cultural level.
    • Participants will be able to link aspects of personality development to the absence or presence of a father during a child’s development
    • Participants will examine concepts of Jungian psychology such as archetype, self and persona.

Susan E. Schwartz, Ph.D. was trained at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, and has a degree in Clinical Psychology. She is a member of the New Mexico Society of Jungian Analysts and gives lectures and workshops worldwide. She has a chapter in Perpetual Adolescence: Jungian Analyses of American Media, Literature and Pop Culture, and several articles on Sylvia Plath in the online journals Plath Profiles and Depth Insights. Her private practice in Jungian Analytical Psychology is in Paradise Valley, AZ.

For more information visit http://susanschwartzphd.com