JoHanna McNamee: Exploring “Dreamtending” and “Tending Psyche”

September 2013

In this Friday evening talk JoHanna McNamee will explore the relationships between DreamTendingTending Psyche and the works of Carl Jung, James Hillman, and Robert Johnson. The important questions are “Who’s visiting?” and “What’s happening here?” The question is not “What does this mean?” The dream always has insights that can be brought forward into everyday life. This is the power of the dream. JoHanna will also provide examples of relevant DreamTendings she has explored with her clients.

In addition to dreams, we can tend situations in waking life such as relationship, work, and health issues. By using symbol and metaphor we can experience fresh insights and emotional responses to the stuck, resistant, as well as the painful places and chronic issues in our lives.

JoHanna McNammee, MA, earned a Master’s degree in Depth Psychology from Sonoma State University in California and completed advanced training in DreamTending with Dr. Steven Aizenstat at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. JoHanna also has training in Gestalt Therapy, Humanistic Psychology, Psychodrama and Addictions Counseling. She sees clients, facilitates groups, and offers Creativity & Depth Workshops in Sedona and Prescott, Arizona. In addition, JoHanna gives regular presentations to the graduate students at Prescott College.