Stephen Kenneally, MBA, MFT – In Search of the Self

Workshop with Stephen Kenneally, MBA, MFT

January 21, 2012

Jung’s concept of the Self speaks directly to the mysterious element in the psyche that inspires and brings meaning to our lives. Fifty years after Jung’s death, it remains an elusive and controversial subject. In this interactive workshop we will review various ways of thinking about the Self, the numinous as well as the dark side, so that we can better relate to the emergent forces in us that can lead to individuation, meaning, and the development of our personalities.

We will examine some archetypal material that illuminates this process, and we will explore Jung’s concepts of the opposites that are held in the Self. We will also look into the role of the shadow, the animus/anima, dreams, and active imagination in the process of relating to the Self.

Stephen Kenneally, MBA, MFT, is a Jungian psychotherapist and consultant in Santa Monica, CA. He teaches psychology and ethics at Antioch University and is the current Chair of the Opus Archives and Research Center (a research institute within Pacifica Graduate Institute that holds the archives of Joseph Campbell and other eminent scholars in depth psychology and mythology). Prior to becoming a psychotherapist Stephen worked as an investment banker at JP Morgan. He received a BS in economics from Harvard, an MBA from the Darden School of Business, and an MA in psychology counseling from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is currently an analyst-in-training at the C. G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles, where he offers periodic lectures.